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Juno’s Story

Juno, a resilient soul, was rescued by one of our dedicated Inspectors after being discovered locked in a small, cramped room with three other dogs. Her journey into our care began in less-than-ideal conditions, but Juno’s remarkable transformation is a…
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Nakita’s Story

In another recent animal rescue, beautiful Nakita, a five-year-old Bull Terrier, was picked up by our Animal Ambulance in February. Sadly, no one came forward to reclaim her and she was in a bad way with a very painful leg injury. Nakita needed urgent treatment at…
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Reggie The Rescued Pup

Reggie’s Story

Reggie came into our care with an old injury; a dislocated elbow which this poor pup had been suffering with for far too long. Unsure of how the injury occurred and how long Reggie had been in pain for, he…
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Meet Bella!

Bella, a Chocolate Labrador, was picked up by the RSPCA ambulance when she was found wandering the streets, severely malnourished and scarred by severe weathering. Her owners could not be found. Poor Bella came back to the RSPCA, where she…
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Meet Alfred!

Alfred, a Maltese Terrier mix Shih Tzu puppy, was surrendered to the RSPCA with his mum and dad. Alfred’s dad was de-sexed and adopted quickly. His mum spent a few weeks nurturing little Alfred, before she too was adopted. Alfred…
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Meet Pringles!

Pringles, an Irish Wolfhound, was abandoned in a park at only 5 months old. Luckily a passer-by witnessed the car driving away, and quickly approached to watch over the puppy, waiting to see if the driver would return. Sadly, no…
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Meet Cassie!

She was found tied up and abandoned at a train station with her friend Callie. Luckily, they were brought straight to the RSPCA to begin their journey to recovery. RSPCA was able to provide essential vet treatment including vaccinations, desexing…
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