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Not An April Fools Prank After All… Pam And Her JB Hi-Fi Hall!

Not an April Fools Prank After All… Pam and her JB Hi-Fi Hall!

When they told me that I had won a prize in the recent RSPCA raffle, there was only one problem it was April Fool’s Day (1st April). I was waiting for the “got you” if I said too much.

It wasn’t until further into the conversation that explain and stated that I had won 4th prize (so I was expecting a win of $50 – $100.)

Then they told me that 4th prize was a JB HiFi voucher for $16,000!My husband was over the moon with excitement and started checking out the JB HiFi website and making a list of all he wanted.

We received our vouchers and took our list to JB HiFi and started spending. I still haven’t come off my high as now we are unwrapping all our new toys.

We have spent just over half on a couple of big items (fridge & washing machine) will be arriving next week. Next step is to take our 3 girls shopping to treat them.

Thank you to the RSPCA and JB HiFi.


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