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RSPCA Raffle – 78 Lottery Conditions

Raffle and Permits

These are the terms and conditions of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, New South Wales National Art Union Raffle no. 78 conducted by RSPCA NSW and Insight Holdings Consolidated Pty Ltd. All funds received from this Raffle are directed to supporting RSPCA’s work with animals.

Permit and Authority Numbers: NSW CFN 11744 and GOCAU2324, Victoria: 10426/23 ACT: R 23/00226 TP 23/02491

Promoter: S Coleman RSPCA NSW, 201 Rookwood Rd, Yagoona NSW. ABN: 87 000 001 641.

In these conditions the Raffle purchaser, contact or entry holder as the case may be, is referred to as “you” and RSPCA NSW and Insight are referred to as “us”, “we” or “our”, as the context requires.

Raffle Dates

Raffle starts 13 November 2023 (30 November for ACT Trade Promotion). Raffle closes Midnight 27 March 2024 and is drawn 2pm 28th March 2024 at Insight CFS – Level 3, 80 Cooper Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010. Results published on the website the day after the draw.

Early Bird Prize Drawn on 01 February 2024 at 2pm. Pay before 11:59 pm on 31 January 2024 to enter.

Total Value Of Prizes: $210,796.13

Main Draw Prizes – Total $ 185,306.13

  • The Mini Cooper SE Hatch WHE $72,905.40 RRP
  • Toyota RAV4 Hybrid GX AWD 2.5L $50,400.73 RRP
  • European River Cruise for two people worth $36,000.00 RRP
  • JB Hi-Fi Shopping Voucher (no expiry date) – $10,000.00
  • Book Buyers Bonus Prize. If you support for $80 or more, you are entered into a draw for $6,000 in Gold Bullion.
  • Early Bird Prize ( $10,000 Gold Bullion) Drawn on 01 February 2024 at 2pm. Pay before the cut-off date 11:59 pm on 31st January 2024 to enter.
RSPCA Pet Supporter Club Member – Total $ 25,490.00

If you become an RSPCA Pet Supporter Club Member by making monthly payments, you also go into our:

  • Draw to win an MG3 5 Door Hatch $21,490.00 RRP (Grand Prize), and up to four Monthly prizes of $1,000 JB Hi-Fi Shopping gift cards.
  • Pet Supporter Club members also play in the Main Draw.

Raffle Entry Purchase

Ticket prices: Tickets are sold in bundles: 10 for $30, 16 for $40, 20 for $50, 30 for $60, 40 for $80, 50 for $100, 60 for $120, 75 for $150, 200 for $200 and $1 each thereafter. If less than $30 is received for a Raffle entries are $5 each. If you support for $80 or more you are entered into a draw for $6,000 in Gold Bullion. Pet Supporter Club supporters are allocated entries based on their total amount paid during the Raffle period. An additional draw called an Early Bird Prize Draw will be drawn on the nominated date. For the Early Bird prize draw payments must be made prior to the cut-off date.  We will remind you of the Early Bird Prize draw by phone, email or text message. The winner of the Early Bird Prize will be selected from paid raffle entry buyers and RSPCA Pet Supporters Club members who will be allocated entries according to those rules. Entry numbers for the early bird draw will not be issued.  People we contact or website users may purchase single or bundled entries. A maximum 2,000,000 entries are offered for sale (Maximum 370,612 tickets in the ACT). Individual entry numbers may be denominated in integers larger than the maximum number of entries.

Terms Of Entry

You can enter the RSPCA National Raffle by making a paid purchase or by payment of a pledge to pay for entries. Tickets in the RSPCA Raffle are sold to residents of NSW, Queensland, Darwin/NT, ACT, Tasmania and Victoria by telephone or on this website or alternative sites including  Entries are mailed or emailed to you. Entries are validated for the draw after payment is received. Entry tickets may also be available in NSW at public venues sold by approved vendors.

Entrants must be Australian residents or if successful in the draw, receive any Prize in Australia. Our website may bar entry to persons overseas or in Australian states where sales are not permitted.

We require payment by a person over 18 years of age.

We take care to sell to adults who understand the purchase and able to provide payment. We will award the Prize to the selected entrant. Where a purchase is made by a young person, to someone inclined to irresponsible gaming or to a vulnerable person we will happily refund the entry purchase sum if that person has not played in a game. We are unable to make refunds after a draw in the absence of exceptional circumstances.

To be eligible for entry into a Raffle draw you must make payment prior to the draw. Direct debit payment instructions must be received one week prior to the draw date to ensure payment can be completed. In the event that your paid entry cannot be entered in a draw you will be entered in the next available Art Union. RSPCA accepts no responsibility for late payment or payment not received for any reason.

You may purchase entries on more than one occasion, and you may be offered bonus or incentive entries.

Persons engaged in the management, sales or supervision of the Raffle and their immediate family are not permitted to enter.

How to make payment for entries…

Entries can be paid for with payment card, cheque, direct debit, BPay or digital payment wallet where available. You may make payment for entries in advance for up to one year up to a maximum of $600 per Raffle.  Where you pay with debit or credit payment card, after registration with Westpac merchant processing, we may offer to accept payment for subsequent purchases by resubmitting the registered reference number instead of a credit card. You may decline to use that payment method. Payments falling due on a weekend or public holiday may be submitted the day prior and declined payments are retried within five days.

For other methods of payment, please call the Hotline, 1800 183 346. Payments greater than the agreed price, will be rounded down to the next bundle and the excess will be accepted as a donation and a receipt issued. Payments received by invalid international, or interstate entrants will be returned where possible or retained as donations.

Where funds are received as a donation or a minor sum is deemed to be a donation, and the amount is $2 or more, a receipt is issued. RSPCA has tax deductible gift status issued by the ATO.

Rspca Pet Supporters Club – 1800 183 346

You can become an RSPCA Pet Supporters Club member by accepting our offer during our telephone call, by calling the Art Union Hotline on 1800 183 346 or by clicking the “Join Now” button on this page. Club members will pay for and be entered into all RSPCA Raffle draws as well as separate Pet Supporters Club draws. For ACT supporters this is a Trade Promotion raffle (permit number xxxxx).

Pet Supporters Club members who have paid monthly during the Raffle Art Union period will also be entered into a monthly prize draws for a $1,000 JB Hi-Fi gift card each month during the raffle and the grand prize of an MG3 Automatic 5-door hatch drawn on the same day the main draw.

Monthly prize draws (as advertised) for Pet Supporters Club members are conducted on the 7th of the month (or the next working day). Entries in these monthly draws are allocated based on the previous calendar month’s payments at one entry per dollar received.

Pet Supporter Club Members receive notice of validated Art Union lucky numbers by mail or email in the week prior to each main draw based on the paid ticket bundle. If less than $30 is received in total for any single Raffle, entries will be allocated to the club member at $5 each.

By joining the Pet Supporters Club you agree to make an initial payment and pay the chosen sum each month or on another recurring basis for payment toward each consecutive RSPCA National Raffle. By agreeing to support RSPCA in this way, you authorise our service providers to automatically debit your payment card or nominated bank account on the nominated basis. You may cancel or amend your support level for your RSPCA Supporters Club membership at any time prior to the next payment.

At the time of joining, we hope you will authorise us to automatically increase your support by up to $5 each month which will start on the first payment date after the anniversary of joining the RSPCA Pet Supporters Club.

Your kind support can always be put to good use for RSPCA’s work for Animals. To make that possible we will notify you if we intend to provide additional entries paid for with an increase in your RSPCA Pet Supporters Club membership. If you do not wish to participate in that notified increase, please let us know before or after that change occurs.

For more information on Pet Supporter membership, please contact the Raffle Union Hotline on 1800 183 346.

Draw Of Winners

The draws will take place at Insight Holdings Consolidated Pty Ltd. 80 Cooper Street Surry Hills NSW 2010. In the draws for the Prize winners, the major Prize will be drawn first and the other prizes drawn in descending order of Prize value. A winner and all entries can win again in each further Prize draw for which the entrant is eligible. All winners notified by telephone and registered mail. The Prize winning entry numbers and winner’s suburb are published at and the day after the draw. Details of winners’ names and address are not published or available, unless authorised by the winner.

Subject to state regulations unclaimed prizes will be retained for at least 95 days (it will be drawn 1st  June 2024) while the winner is notified or located. That the Prize is unclaimed will be published on the Raffle website with notice that the Prize winner cannot be located. If a Prize winner cannot be located, a new Prize winner will be drawn from the same pool of supporters and given 7 days in which to be found or respond, after which that process will be repeated. Entry in the draw may not be cancelled after the draw.


RSPCA National Raffle prizes

Holiday Prizes

Third Prize trips are for two adults. Trips include return economy flights and airline taxes from the winner’s nearest capital city to holiday location and transfers to accommodation. Four Star (or higher) accommodation, breakfasts and activities are included. Any additional spending money, meals (other than those included) and any other ancillary costs, including but not limited to travel or other insurance, pandemic related disruptions, and any applicable insurance excesses, not listed in the travel Prize package descriptions above are the responsibility of the travel Prize winner and their nominated travelling companions as incurred.

2023 Block out dates include but are not limited to: 1st January – 5th February, 7th April –

21st April, 25th April, 12th June, 3rd – 14th July, 25th September – 6th October, 20th December – 31st December.

2024 Block out dates include but are not limited to: 1st January – 5th February, 29th

March – 1st April, 15th April – 26th April, 10th June, 8th – 19th July, 30th September – 11th October, 23rd December – 31st December.

2025 Block out dates include but are not limited to: 1st January – 5th February, 14th April – 25th April, 9th June, 7th – 18th July, 29th September – 10th October, 22nd December –

31st December.

All bookings must be made a minimum of 90 days in advance of requested departure date. All bookings and documentation regarding the Prize must be made via Free-2-Travel Holidays Pty Ltd or their agents. Redeeming the Prize is conditional on acceptance of the terms and conditions of travel as detailed by Free-2-Travel Holidays Pty Ltd and the airline carriers in accordance with normal travel practices. No portion of the Prize is redeemable for cash. The Prize is not refundable or transferable. In the event the winner is under the age of 18 years, they must be accompanied by a parent/guardian. The winner is responsible for any amendment fees issued by airlines or suppliers once booking is confirmed and ticketed. It is the winner’s responsibility to organise transport to/from the airport departure/return point. Prize winner and travel companions must have valid travel insurance and where necessary valid Visas, valid passports, for their period of travel.

Car prizes

All cars will be supplied in the most current vehicle model. All cars are automatic transmission and include delivery and these on-road costs (stamp duty, registration and compulsory third-party insurance.) (Not included but recommended, comprehensive insurance).

All prizes are subject to availability from the dealer at the time of the draw. Car prizes are ordered at the start of the lottery and arrival depends on shipping and supply. Models & RRP are correct at time of printing and are subject to change.

Jb Hi- Fi Voucher Conditions

The Fourth Prize winners, and the 4 monthly Pet Supporters Club Prize winners receive JB HI-FI vouchers. The vouchers do not expire and can be redeemed on-line or in store. Gift Card terms and conditions can be found on the JB HI-FI website.

Prize values are in Australian Dollars and are the recommended retail values at the time of printing. In the event that we are unable to supply the Prize shown, we reserve the right to supply a replacement Prize of similar type and value. All taxes, liabilities and costs not included with the Prize are the responsibility of the winner. Prizes are drawn as advertised. All images are for promotional purposes only. Prizes are not transferable or exchangeable for cash.

Fundraising Service Provider

Fundraising services are provided by Insight Holdings Consolidated Pty Ltd. ABN 55 111 803 475 80 Cooper Street Surry Hills NSW 2010. Phone: 1300 365 896. This promotion ensures RSPCAs NSW, QLD, ACT, VIC, TAS, and the Darwin Regional Branch receive at least 35% of gross Art Union proceeds and 100% of all donations. There is an agreement with Insight Holdings Consolidated Pty Ltd (ACN 111 803 475) to promote or conduct this Raffle for reward. Lottery management, telemarketing, prizes, advertising, fulfilment, merchant fees, additional authorised approved vendors and other administration costs are paid by Insight Holdings Consolidated and amount to no more than 62% on average of gross Art Union proceeds. Net proceeds are applied to our work promoting animal welfare in the state in which those proceeds are raised.

Bonus Games

In the course of any RSPCA fundraising campaign, we may offer you additional entries with an RSPCA entry purchase on specific conditions, for example Trade Promotion lottery rules, to promote a RSPCA Raffle alone or together with other charity fundraising games. You may be offered entries as an incentive to a purchase or entries may be allocated to you if you are already part of the same group of entrants. For example, $80 buyers may be allocated a free entry and those who previously made that purchase will be allocated entries. We will post the particulars of any additional game as an addendum to these conditions with a link to the game’s terms of entry. We may not directly notify you of the allocation of bonus entries.

Direct Marketing

The telephone numbers we use are sourced from the public telephone directory and data suppliers. We only call at times permitted by legislation. If a call is inconvenient, you may request that we call back at either another day or time, or not call at all. Please be aware that ACNC registered charities are exempt from the Do Not Call Register Act.

Should you wish not to receive any more telephone calls from RSPCA, please call our Raffle Helpdesk (1800 183 346) or send us an email and we will remove your telephone number from our calling list. Please note that it is the telephone number, not the name of the individual that is excluded.


These Raffle conditions which amend or provide for rules outside the mandated rules are subject to change and correction. Please check these conditions from time to time. Significant changes will be identified at

To protect the operators of the Raffle from any cause which may imperil the success of the Raffle for us, we reserve the right in our absolute discretion to cancel or postpone any draw or the series of draws, to recommence them and to change the Raffle game including by refunding payments in undrawn games, changing the Raffle rules, altering the prizes or changing the Raffle draw schedule.

We may in our absolute discretion, change or cancel the current or future draws including recommence them on new conditions in the event of the interference of an outside agent or event in any manner which adversely impacts or hinders the sales processes, the revenue objectives or any other part of the conduct of the Raffle, including but not limited to vandalism, power failures, tempests, pandemic, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, atomic war, invasion, or strike. Any change under this clause will be notified on our Raffle website.

Nothing in this clause limits or alters your rights to consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law.


If you would like to provide feedback or tell us how we can improve, please contact us immediately. To make a complaint please call our Raffle Helpdesk -1800 183 346  or send us an email. Please Note: We are only able to action complaints where we are advised of the telephone number. to verify that it was an RSPCA call.




The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, New South Wales and Insight Holdings Consolidated Pty Ltd collect your personal information at, in person and over the phone to contact you to seek your support for Raffle participation and to administer your participation in draws for prizes. Please see our full Raffle privacy policy at

Funds raised from this Raffle are used to support RSPCAs in NSW, Vic, Qld, ACT, Tasmania and the Darwin Regional Branch. RSPCA WA has its own Raffle.

Banks, mail house and other suppliers receive your information in order to provide services. If you do not provide contact information we are unable to include you in the draw or provide our services. Data we receive is kept securely in an encrypted form in secured, backed up servers. For more information, please see Insight Holdings Consolidated Privacy Policy and other policies at  Supporter personal information is not sent overseas for our work.

Contact us if you have any questions or feedback; 1800 183 346, If you would prefer that we do not contact you regarding the Raffle, if you wish to see or correct the personal information we hold about you or have feedback or concerns about your experience, please call us on 1300 183 346 or

For information about privacy in relation to RSPCA NSW or Insight’s activities outside this Raffle policy, please see the RSPCA Privacy Statements at

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